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Critical Care Medicine

The goal of rotations in the intensive care unit is to train residents in the treatment and management of critical and complex patients. The rotations include an emphasis on procedural skills and competence in difficult conversations.

Intensive Care Unit

The ICU at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center consists of 3 teams, each comprised of an attending physician, one resident (PGY-2/3), and one intern (PGY-1). Residents take overnight call every 3 days, while interns switch between a period of day shifts as the primary intern and a short period of night shifts.

Before You Start

  • Review the ICU Orientation Powerpoint
  • Review your schedule on AMION, including ICU team assignment, call days, and days off. You should average one day off per week.
  • If not previously done so, watch orchid training videos and complete online assessment:
  • Expect an email from the Chief Residents, which will include hand-off assignments and the AMION password.
  • One day prior to your rotation, contact the outgoing housestaff for sign-out. You can find contact information in the email or AMION.

When You Start

  • Receive hand-off from the overnight ICU team in the ICU (5B-North and 5B-South).
  • Plan to complete pre-rounding by 8:00am in order to attend orientation or morning lecture.
  • If you’re a new rotator, you should expect orientation by the ICU fellow or attending.
  • Make sure your pager is unforwarded!

RR-UCLA Medical Intensive Care Unit

The Medical ICU at Ronald Reagan-UCLA Medical Center is a rigorous training experience with exposure to complex patients with very high acuity at a quaternary center. The unit consists of 4 primary teams, each comprised of an attending physician, one resident (PGY-2/3), and one intern (PGY-1). Interns rotate on service for 2 weeks.

Before You Start

  • Complete CareConnect training if this is your first time working in the UCLA Health System.
  • Make sure you receive MedNet and CareConnect access.

When You Start

  • Pick up a new pager.
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