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Inpatient Medicine

Educational Goals & Overview

The goal of rotations on the general medicine wards is to train residents to competently care for patients with a broad range of medical problems who require hospital admission to the general medicine ward service. The rotation is designed to increase diagnostic skills, reasoning ability, therapeutic acumen, objective knowledge, overall patient care skills and team management skills.Training occurs over the course of three years and across two clinical sites.

General Medicine Wards

The general medicine ward service at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center consists of 8 teams, each comprised of an attending physician, one resident (PGY-2/3), at least two interns (PGY-1), and usually a medical student. Admissions are accepted on an 8-day call cycle with Long call being every 8 days. Most patients are admitted through the Emergency Department.

Before You Start

  • Check amion to verify your schedule as recent changes may have been made.
  • Read the Wards Orientation Packet prior to arriving for details of the rotation
  • If not previously done so, watch orchid training videos and complete online assessment:
  • Expect an email from the Chief Residents, which will include hand-off assignments and the AMION password.
  • One day prior to your rotation, contact the outgoing housestaff for sign-out. You can find contact information in the email or AMION.

When You Start

  • If you’re a new rotator, come meet and get oriented with the Chief Residents, at 7:30am in the Chief’s Office in 5D-103
  • If you’re an intern, be sure to receive hand-off from the overnight cross-cover by meeting the Night Float Intern in the physician area in the Housestaff Lounge 2C160 (7:00-7:30am)
  • If you’re a resident and admitting (on call), check for new admissions to your team by meeting the Hospitalist Attending by or before 8:00am in the Hospitalist Room in ED 3 (purple) in the Emergency Department on the 2nd floor (the room is near the old OBS Unit, between the purple area and TB unit).
  • Make sure your pager is unforwarded!

For Rotators

  • On the day you leave: Please make sure to return the following to the chiefs office (or housestaff lounge next to printer)
    • Pager
    • Parking pass
    • Parking Hangtag
  • MedHub: Please complete you evaluations on your OV MedHub account.  Please contact Gus Chavez ( for any questions about MedHub

Important Information

  • Interdisplinary Rounds take place every day, Monday through Friday, and involves the primary medical team, utilization management, social worker, outpatient pharmacist, and representative from PT/OT/ST.  The room and time assignments are listed below:
    TeamWorkroom LocationInterdisplinary Rounding Time
    A4D-10710:00 AM
    B4D-10710:15 AM
    C4D-12710:00 AM
    D4D-12710:15 AM
    E5C-10610:30 AM
    F5C-10610:45 AM
    G5D-10710:30 AM
    H5D-10710:45 AM

RR-UCLA General Medicine Wards

The general medicine ward service at Ronald Reagan-UCLA Medical Center consists of 6 primary teams, each comprised of an attending physician, one resident (PGY-2/3), two interns (PGY-1). Interns rotate on service for 4 weeks with overnight call every 6 days (UCLA participated in iCOMPARE trial).

Before You Start

  • Complete CareConnect training if this is your first time working in the UCLA Health System.
  • Make sure you receive MedNet and CareConnect access.

When You Start

  • Pick up a new pager.

Day Hospitalist

This is a two-week rotation with the Hospitalist Service, which provides care to patients under Observation, inpatient hospitalization, and inpatient General Medicine consultation. This is rotation is different than wards because a high daily patient turnover is expected and the goals include a project in evidence-based medicine.

Before You Start

  • Read the Day Hospitalist Curriculum and Orientation.
  • Review your schedule on AMION, including days off.
  • Get sign-out from the previous resident on the rotation on any patients that are anticipated to stay on the Hospitalist Service, including patients under observation, inpatient hospitalization or consultation.

When You Start

  • Come pick-up new patients and check in with the Day Hospitalist attending at 7:45 AM in the Housestaff Lounge.
  • Make sure your pager is unforwarded!
  • Add yourself to these Care Teams in ORCHID:
    • Medicine | OVMC Hospitalist Medicine
    • Medicine | OVMC Consult General Medicine
    • Medicine | OVMC Medicine Observation

Night Hospitalist

This is a one-week rotation to provide care to patients who are admitted overnight once the wards teams have capped. This is very different than admitting on wards because these are not full H&P admissions. This rotation will teach you how to assess and admit patients in an efficient manner, triage, and work autonomously.

Before You Start

  • Review the Night Hospitalist Orientation Packet
  • Review your schedule on AMION, including night shift assignments and any clinic assignments.  If you are not working on the first night of the admission, you may be assigned to clinic!

When You Start

  • When you arrive, check in with the Hospitalist Attending by paging Medicine On-Call. Receive sign-out on any hold-over admissions and patients under observation
  • Make sure your pager is unforwarded!

Night Float

Medicine ward patients at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center are cross-covered by night float overnight. The night float team consists of two interns who are supervised by the night hospitalist resident and hospitalist attending or back-up attending physicians. The hospitalist attending on duty will engage the interns in the night float curriculum.

Before You Start

  • Review your schedule on AMION, including shift assignments.
  • Find the Night Float Survival Guide here on the website (you must be logged-in).

When You Start

  • If you’re a new rotator, please get oriented with the Chief Residents, at 3:30pm in the Chief’s Office in 5D-103
  • Get ready to receive hand-off from the primary teams in your respective call rooms at 4:00pm. Blue: 5B-104 (code: 325), Red: 5B-105 (code: 325)
  • Make sure your pager is unforwarded!

Procedure Elective

The Procedure Service is available for bedside procedures for inpatients and scheduled outpatient appointments during weekday business hours.  Residents on the rotation are expected to reach the level of competency for procedures, including understanding the indications and demonstrating proper technique, under the supervision of a proceduralist attending.

Common bedside procedures:

  • Paracentesis
  • Lumbar Puncture
  • Thoracentesis
  • Skin biopsy
  • Central venous catheter insertion
  • Dialysis/Leukapheresis catheter insertion
  • Ultrasound-guided peripheral IV insertion
  • Midline peripheral IV insertion

To request a procedure during business hours, page the Procedure Service pager through

To request an elective rotation on this service, contact the elective supervisor and submit an Elective Request form.

Goals & Objectives

Procedure Elective Goals & Objectives Download

Mentor: Joanne Martires, M.D.

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