Urgent Care

Educational Goals & Overview

Urgent Care Medicine is the provision of immediate medical service offering outpatient care for the treatment of acute and exacerbation of chronic illness and injury. The Olive View-UCLA Urgent Care provides services to adult patients with a wide range of acute and chronic medical conditions. A comprehensive fund of knowledge and skills are required to provide such care. Urgent Care providers are often the first to diagnose acute and chronic medical conditions. In addition, Urgent care providers begin management, obtain appropriate consults and make necessary referrals for effective patient care.

Urgent Care

Housestaff have a 2-4 week yearly rotation in Urgent Care. Urgent Care clinic has 3 shifts (Morning 8am-12pm, Afternoon 1pm-4:30pm, Evening 4:30pm-8:30pm), and housestaff will rotate during the morning and afternoon sfhits. Housestaff expectations per shift are the following: R1 will see 4 patients, R2 will see 6 patients and R3 will see 7 patients (depending on level of acuity). Housestaff will present every patient case to an Attending physician.

Division of Urgent Care

Oleg Melamed Chief of Urgent Care

Oliver Caniga

Andrea Cooperman

Artin Krekory Ohanian

Carlin Rooke Anticoagulation Clinic Director

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