Educational Goals & Overview

Residents on the pulmonary rotation are expected to gain a level of competence such that they can independently manage common lung diseases (appropriately managed by general internists) for hospitalized and clinic patients. For less common or more severe or complex cases, residents will be able to provide consultation with the supervision of a specialist, and learn when and how to appropriately consult or refer to specialty care.

Pulmonary Consult

Rotations on the Pulmonary service will be between two and four weeks in length. In addition to the inpatient consultation service, residents will participate in weekly Pulmonary clinics and conferences. Supervision will be provided by the Pulmonary/Critical Care faculty and assisted by the Pulmonology fellow(s).

Pulmonary ("Chest") Clinic

General Pulmonology clinic occurs every other Monday morning in Clinic C. On other Mondays, the Pulm team evaluates outpatients in Clinic B. In addition, the pre-Bronchoscopy clinic is held every Friday afternoon in Clinic B.

Division of Pulmonary & Critical Care

Nader Kamangar, M.D. Chief of Pulmonary & Critical Care Housestaff Education Coordinator

Dennis Yick, M.D. ICU Director

Nikhil Barot, M.D. Pulmonary Hypertension Program DirectorSimulation Coordinator

Keren Fogelfeld, M.D. Outpatient and ILD Program Director

Joanne Martires, M.D. Medical Procedure Service Director

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