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Cardiology Consult

Rotations on the Cardiology consult service will be two weeks in length. In addition to the inpatient consultation service, residents will participate in weekly Cardiology clinics. Supervision will be provided by the Cardiology faculty, assisted by the cardiology fellow(s).

Before You Start

On the day before your consult rotation, page the Cardiology Fellow. Find out if you should get sign-out on any inpatient consults and what you should expect the first day of your rotation (when to round, where to meet, any didactics or clinic, etc.).

The Cardiology team usually meets in the fellows room in the Cardiology Lab on the 2nd floor.

To page the Cardiology Fellow, log-in to AMION, go to paging, go to the Fellows drop-down menu, select Cards Fellow.

RR-UCLA Cardiac Care Unit

The CCU at Ronald Reagan-UCLA Medical Center is a rigorous training experience with exposure to complex cardiac patients with high acuity at a quaternary center. The unit consists of 4 primary teams, each comprised of an attending cardiologist, one resident (PGY-2/3), and one intern (PGY-1). Interns rotate on service for 2 weeks. Residents are expected to learn and manage patients with acute coronary syndrome, arrhythmias, heart failure, and heart transplant evaluation.


Go to the UCLA MedRes website

Before You Start

  • Complete CareConnect training if this is your first time working in the UCLA Health System.
  • Make sure you receive MedNet and CareConnect access.

When You Start

  • Pick up a new pager.

Cardiology Clinic

Cardiology clinic occurs every Tuesday morning in Clinic C.

Before You Start

  • Read the Orientation.
  • Review your schedule on AMION, including days off.

When You Start

ORCHID Clinic Resources

  • OVM Card Resident

Diagnostic Cardiology (Heart)

An elective rotation with advanced training in diagnostic cardiac tests, including the exercise treadmill test, electrocardiogram, and echocardiogram.

Advisor: Ronney Shantouf, M.D.

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