Internal Medicine Residency Program

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Before you travel or make travel arrangements for educational activities, use the request form. After traveling, complete the reimbursement form to complete the process.

UCLA-Olive View Internal Medicine Residency Program

We, the UCLA-Olive View Internal Medicine Residency Program, train compassionate, clinically outstanding physicians while providing high quality care to the underserved.

Laxmi Suthar, M.D. Program Director

Michael Rotblatt, M.D. Associate Program Director

Vinhfield Ta, M.D. Associate Program Director

Richard Tennant, M.D. Associate Program Director

Jarod DuVall, M.D. Chief Resident 2017-2018

Daniel Jimenez, M.D. Chief Resident 2017-2018

Kristina Lee, M.D. Chief Resident 2017-2018

Julien Nguyen, M.D. Chief Resident 2017-2018

Gustavo Chavez Residency Program Coordinator

Norman Belisle Assistant Program Coordinator

Jennifer Feldman MedHub Coordinator

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