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Medical Students

Welcome medical students! Olive View-UCLA is a major clinical site for students of the David Geffen School of Medicine and also welcomes rotators from across the country.

Core Medicine Clerkships

Third-year medical students rotate on the general medicine wards and in the ambulatory medicine clinics.

MS3 Inpatient Medicine Learning Objectives

UCLA Student Evaluations


Medicine Subinternships

Fourth-year medical students have the opportunity to rotate as subinterns on the general medicine wards and intensive care units.

UCLA Student Evaluations


Elective Clerkships

Electives are available in the medicine subspecialties.

UCLA Student Evaluations


Come rotate at Olive View-UCLA to experience service to an indigent population at an academic county hospital. All prospective medical student rotators must meet eligibility, apply, and be approved for a clinical rotation through the Department of Medicine at Olive View-UCLA & the David Geffen School of Medicine.

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