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Fall Retreated Highlighted By Poverty Simulation And Team-building Activities

Fall Retreated Highlighted by Poverty Simulation and Team-building Activities

Olive View residents came together for several activities on Friday during the annual Fall Retreat.

We were introduced to the special topic on the social determinants of health (SDH) with an introductory video and poverty simulation.  The simulation exercise placed the residents into families that had to learn how to make ends meet for the “month,” including earning enough money to pay for food, rent and other bills, or otherwise search for the resources to do so amidst life’s unexpected events.  Residents reflected on the difficulties and emotions of their “personal” situation.

In the afternoon, the residents took to the field for team-building activities. Congrats to Team OJ for their win overall, but let’s remember Team Blue had an incredible win stuffing the most balloons into a red suit.

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