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Global Health Medicine

We commend and support your choice in pursuing an opportunity to practice medicine abroad. There are great learning opportunities offered through a wide variety of programs as well as our UCLA-Olive View-sponsored rotation in Dangriga, Belize. Below is a list of programs that other residents have benefited from. You must be in good academic standing in order to be eligible for an international elective.

For any resident looking to participate in a Global Health experience, please submit the following to the Program Coordinator, Gus Chavez. All application material must be submitted at least three months prior to the start of the requested rotation. These apply to any program other than the Belize rotation.

Global Health Elective in Belize

The elective in global health in Belize focuses on providing primary care to oncology patients as well as general medicine care to hospitalized patients in Dangriga, Belize.


Before You Start

  • All rotators in Belize require a valid Passport and medical license, which must be reviewed by a notary and submitted to the Program Coordinator.
  • Make travel arrangements to/from Belize through the Program Coordinator.
  • Introduce yourself to the history and culture of Belize
  • Be sure you have completed the orientation to Global Health.
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