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Educational Goals & Overview

Residents on the nephrology rotation are expected to gain competency in the management of hypertension, common kidney diseases, and electrolyte disorders in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. With the guidance of the nephrology staff, residents should also gain a more in-depth understanding of the evaluation and management of more complex cases during this rotation.

Nephrology Consult

Rotations on the Nephrology service will be between two to four weeks in duration. Clinical experience includes inpatient Nephrology consultation and outpatient Nephrology clinic, which includes the Renal Transplant and Glomerulonephritis clinic on Tuesday afternoons. Supervision will be provided by the Nephrology faculty, assisted by the Nephrology fellow(s).

Before You Start

  • On the day before your consult rotation, page the Renal Fellow. Find out if you should get sign-out on any inpatient consults and what you should expect the first day of your rotation (when to round, where to meet, any didactics or clinic, etc.).
  • Remember, Nephrology has outpatient clinic on Thursday mornings in Clinic A.  You will usually start your morning in clinic and then see consults later.
  • To determine the Renal Fellow on call, go to the OV Intranet > Department of Medicine page. Or call the Operator by dialing “0” and ask for the Renal Fellow on-call. Then to page the fellow, log-in to AMION, go to paging, find the Fellows drop-down menu, and select the appropriate fellow.

Nephrology Clinic

General Nephrology (“Renal”) clinic occurs every Thursday morning in Clinic A. In addition, the Renal Transplant and Glomerulonephritis Clinic clinic is held Tuesday afternoons in Clinic A and is staffed by the Nephrology consult resident and fellows.

When You Start

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