Hospital Medicine

Educational Goals & Overview

Hospital Medicine is an extension of the General Medicine Wards, focusing on acute inpatient care on the general medicine wards. Rotations in Hospital Medicine emphasize diagnostic skills, efficiency, autonomy, and communication as residents initiate inpatient care for new admissions.

Day Hospitalist

This is a two-week rotation with the Hospitalist Service, which provides care to patients under Observation, inpatient hospitalization, and inpatient General Medicine consultation. This is rotation is different than wards because a high daily patient turnover is expected and the goals include a project in evidence-based medicine.

Night Hospitalist

This is a one-week rotation to provide care to patients who are admitted overnight once the wards teams have capped. This is very different than admitting on wards because these are not full H&P admissions. This rotation will teach you how to assess and admit patients in an efficient manner, triage, and work autonomously.

Night Float

Medicine ward patients at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center are cross-covered by night float overnight. The night float team consists of two interns who are supervised by the night hospitalist resident at hospitalist or back-up attending physicians. The hospitalist attending on duty will engage the interns in a night float curriculum.

Division of Hospital Medicine

Richard Tennant, M.D. Chief of Hospital Medicine Associate Program Director

Christine Bishop, M.D.

Christine Dang, M.D.

Sherwin Hsu, M.D. Core Clinical Faculty MS3 Inpatient Clerkship Director

Ngozi Iroezi, M.D.

Matthew McCullough, M.D. MS4 Inpatient Clerkship Director

Glen Pearlstein, M.D.

Vinhfield Ta, M.D. Associate Program Director

Brian van den Burg, M.D.

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