General Medicine Wards

Educational Goals & Overview

The goal of rotations on the general medicine wards is to train residents to competently care for patients with a broad range of medical problems who require hospital admission to the general medicine ward service. The rotation is designed to increase diagnostic skills, reasoning ability, therapeutic acumen, objective knowledge, overall patient care skills and team management skills.Training occurs over the course of three years and across two clinical sites.

Evidence-Based Medicine

As a part of the ward rotation, these landmark research articles will be discussed with the ward team. These articles have been selected for their importance in clinical practice or practice guidelines, and inform us about our standard of care. The ward team attending and resident should arrange a time and place to discuss at least one article during each half of the month (roughly at least once every two-week rotation).

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General Medicine Wards

The general medicine ward service at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center consists of 8 teams, each comprised of an attending physician, one resident (PGY-2/3), at least two interns (PGY-1), and usually a medical student. Admissions are accepted on an 8-day call cycle with Long call being every 8 days. Most patients are admitted through the Emergency Department.

General Medicine Wards at Ronald Reagan-UCLA

The general medicine ward service at Ronald Reagan-UCLA Medical Center consists of 6 primary teams, each comprised of an attending physician, one resident (PGY-2/3), two interns (PGY-1). Interns rotate on service for 4 weeks with overnight call every 6 days (UCLA participated in iCOMPARE trial).


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