Educational Goals & Overview

The overall goal of this curriculum is for residents to become competent in diagnosing and managing outpatients with common endocrine disorders, to be able to diagnose and manage patients in the hospital with more severe or acute presentations of disease, and to be able to refer appropriately. Residents will gain considerable experience in the management of diabetes mellitus and its complications, the recognition and treatment of endocrine emergencies, the appropriate use and interpretation of endocrine laboratory studies, and in the diagnosis and management of a wide variety of endocrine diseases.

Endocrinology Clinic

Endocrinology clinic occurs every Friday afternoon in Clinic C. Residents will manage patients with more severe or acute endocrine diseases during rotations on the medicine wards, ICU and ER. Supervision of the Endocrinology clinics will be provided by an Endocrinology fulltime attending, as well as part-time and volunteer attendings. Supervision during the inpatient and ER rotations will be provided by Medicine or ER attending faculty, as appropriate, with input from the Endocrinology consultant.

Endocrinology Elective

Elective rotations in Endocrinology are two weeks in duration and will train residents through outpatient Endocrinology clinic and inpatient consultations at Olive View-UCLA, with a special emphasis on the core literature in Endocrinology.

Division of Endocrinology

Nasser Mikhail, M.D. Chief of Endocrinology Housestaff Education Coordinator

Vahid Mahabadi, M.D.

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