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FALL RETREAT !!!!!!!!!



When: Friday, Sept 9th; arrive by 9:30am at Memorial Park Levitt Pavillion.

The theme for our retreat is “ the Amazing Race through Residency”

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.  bring a bottle of water and sunscreen

Address:  85 East Holly Street, Pasadena, CA 91103

The team list is attached below

Parking :  Please the attachment below .

Lunch:  After our race, we will have a wrap up session,lunch, meeting and feedback session at Cafe Santorini from 12:30-4pm.

Happy Hour with The Chiefs after 4 pm in Pasadena


The goals for the  Fall retreat are to promote teamwork and for all of us to get to know each other better while giving you an opportunity to get important updates and give feedback !!!!We are looking forward to a great bonding experience while we discover more about our neighboring city and each other.




Interns Q&A

We do I park?
You will get your official parking pass from the medicine admin (Gus) by Block 1 (next Thurs 6/30/16). In the meantime, we recommend you not to park at the patient’s area since you may be ticketed. The designed parking for you now is located in “Bowl Parking” and “Parking Lot J” (See Map below)Map

How do I change my password for orchid?
Go to the hyperlink below, then click on “change my password” on the right hand navigator. It should be self-explanatory from there. (hyperlink can only be accessed on intranet or when on VPN)

Consult start time?
Usually 8am, but residents like to be at the hospital earlier to preround as necessary. Page your consult fellow for specifics.

How to use medconsent?
Log on to iMedConsent on Intranet homepage. Select the specific consent of interest. Fill out consent as instructed on screen (fairly self-explanatory). Print then instruct patient about consent and obtain signatures. Make a copy of consent and place it in the patient chart (located at nursing station).

How do we access synapse?
Synapse is connected to orchid, so once you log on orchid, you should be able to access synapse. Otherwise, log on with your regular username/passoword when you open up the synapse application.

Whats the code for the resident lounge?
Ask us when you walk by chief offices

Social service for patients and how to coordinate for efficient turnover?
Great question. We (or your respective team/attending) will go into more details with you about specifics during each of your various rotations. For now, know that social work office is located on 1st floor (x4236)

What apps do you recommend to help us on wards and outpatient?
The very basic you should have: epocrates, medscape, uptodate, U World, MKSAP 16 and 17, Board Basics. MKSAP 16/17 and Board Basics are all free for our residents. Let us know if you have any questions about how to access these resouces

How do we get access to uptodate on our phone?
Come by our office, we will show you based on your particular phone.

Do we input billing code?
Yes, when you are on outpatient rotation.  Usually is 99213 (office visit, expanded, established)

Translation for patients?
Addressed during bootcamp, come to our office if anymore questions.

How do we know when we are on jeopardy?
Check Amion

Can we get food in the middle of night?
Hospital cafeteria opens from 6am-8pm (sharp) on weekdays, and 6:30am-8pm (sharp) on weekends. Breakfast ends at 11am, Lunch ends at 5pm. You can so always order delivery, there are some chief’s fav, come by our office, we will let you know based on your food preferences.

Re: cafeteria hours – is it open overnight? When does breakfast end?
See above

Where do we put our bags? Store food?
If you are in the clinic, place them inside the physcian work room for safety. If you are on the wards/ICU, we recommend you to store them inside the intern call room (there is a code to every intern call room). That said, we do not recommend bringing valuable items to the hospital as storage of personal items are under your own discretion. Unfortunately, there is no locker in the hospital for us at this time… (PI project?)
There is a frig inside the 4th floor central resident work room, where you may store your food.

Where do we see how much money we have on our meal cards?
You have $64 of meal credit to use per week, limited to $6 for breakfast, $8 for lunch, and $7 for dinner. Ask the cafeteria cashiers before or after you purchase your food (they will swipe your card) if you are ever curious to see how much credit you have left on your meal card.

Where are the equipment closets?
Patient’s supplies are locked and assessed per nursing staff personnel. Ask them for supplies if you ever need them (i.e. central line kit, ABG kit, guaze, etc)

Orchid Updates (Last updated 11/12, 12pm)

  • Please verbally communicate orders to nurses especially in ER
  • Do not place orders on ER patients until they are ED boarder status
  • Include first dose time on all medications, especially for admitted patients from the ER
  • For CV orders (e.g., TTE), you go to “To be scheduled at::” and choose “OVM Appt Requests.” Otherwise your studies will not be scheduled.
  • For routine recurring labs, choose “Time Routine” labs and choose a time for 30 minutes prior to desired time. For example, for midnight labs, choose 11:30pm.