MyWellness Portal and Flu Shot Reminder for Patients

After being seen at a DHS facility for health services, patients can now sign-up for MyWellness, a patient portal to access their medical record and communicate electronically with their clinic or providers.  Patients can visit to log in.


Patient Messages:

Welcome to the My Wellness Portal!

Thank you for registering for the LA County Department of Health Services MyWellness Portal, a platform for accessing portions of your medical record and secure online messaging with your provider. (

You may communicate via the MyWellness portal to relay NON-URGENT messages or questions to your Primary Care Provider. Please call the clinic directly for any clinical issue that requires urgent attention.


Flu Shot Reminder

As cold and flu season approaches, the Los Angeles County Health Agency would like to pass on this friendly reminder:

Colds and especially influenza can be very contagious and easily spread from person to person through the air. To avoid making others ill, if you are sick, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, wash your hands frequently, and stay home to avoid exposing others. This is particularly true during winter months when people stay indoors and are in close contact with one another. Most people who are sick will recover after a few days of rest.

It’s not too late to get your flu shot! In Los Angeles County, flu usually peaks in late December and lasts through March. It takes about two weeks for the flu shot to become effective so please be sure to contact your Primary Care Provider to get a flu shot if have not done so already.

While a flu shot cannot guarantee that you will not become sick this winter, it is the best protection against the flu and prevents serious illnesses and death especially among those who are most vulnerable.

For more information about the flu, you may call the LA Department of Public Health 1-800-427-8700 or visit